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ok i will see that i will be hated for this XD i dont want to offend anyone ok? its my opinion
and before u go on the ,,BUT UR CP OCS ARE OP TOO !!!! AND NOT ORIGINAL !!!´´  1. their not cp chars because they are(not all) associated with horror or stuff and they can be op because HALF OF THEM ARE FUCKING DEMONS !!!!!!!! and i know but well some of mine are not original i admit but literally all say they are original XD sooooo it must be true  ok now to the problems

i just write it down here what some problems are ....

-many ocs are way to op  as human.....take clockwork for example
- unoriginal or dumb idea: i mean ........dude nina is basicly a fucking jeff fangirl !!!! i mean are all jeff fangirls killers?!
- unexplained scars/weapons/backstory ect.: for example(i really saw this !!) an oversized scissor as weapon ....WHERE DID YOU GET A SCISSOR THAT BIG?! DID YOU BUY IT IN A GROCERY STORE?! i mean yeah i admit looks badass...but atleast give this thing a logical reason
-litterally....EVERYONE is a proxie !!!!! (im sorry to my friends with proxie ocs i still love ya ocs but i talk about the ones with no reason to be a proxie so u dont have to worrie <3) i mean some can have a reason ....but seriously....let me make this clear.........THE PROXIES SHOULDNT EXIST !!!!! masky,hoodie,slendy arent creepypastas technically !!!! slender is/was a horrorcharacter and masky and hoodie are characters from a web series(which was great by the way   --->subscribe to marble hornets<---) and toby is basicly the only proxie in existince  i mean masky and hoodie arent cps and well lets just say slendy is a cp and so toby is the only proxy and he has a reason ...AND A LOGICAL STORY !!!(i explain later)
-most of them arent scary: i mean yeah....there are really good ocs that are cute and cp .....but u cant call it ->CREEPY<- pasta but stilll its good ^^ but this is actually a small problem only a small one ^^
-ocs that are shipped with ,,cannon,, characters: basicly every character is an oc but....characters like jeff,ej, lj, ben,slendy ect are considered cannon ...and many ship their ocs with cannon chars. .....its a fan thing i know but......its wrong.....ocXoc = yes   CPXoc=NOPE   cuz u cant just ship your oc that sometimes isnt even human with a creepypasta like jeff or eyeless jack because i mean lets be many girl/boyfriends does jeff technically have if every ship was canon...
-mary fucking sues; if your ocs is a demon ok then they can be op BUT if its a human then NO GOD PLEASE NO a human isnt a hercules or a one man army  just make it realistic ok?
and the last point because i dont wanna make it to long... i could speak for hours bout this...

- too ,,sexy?´´ or too young: i mean seriously.......i saw ocs with boobs so big like  pufferfish melons !!!!! ...and too young? i see many ocs that are 13-15 years old and already killed 100 people......really? i mean that already goes into the op part again

(now why i think that ticci toby is one of the most logical cp ,,ocs, is )
ok lets take the slendy part out.....

ok why is toby logical for me? simple......why do i think that his reason for being a killer is reasonable?.....simple...
he is a mentaly damaged teen that saw many fucked up stuff.....and why is this a reason to kill? i dont say its ok but it seems logical
he got bullied for tics and that hard,he saw his dying sister !!!, he sees the pictures from the accident with his sister in front of his eyes like everyday !!!
he has a scar in his face that took a part of his cheek, he cant feel pain so he basicly feels a bit overpowered because he cant be hurt,he has a mood changing problem,he is socially awkward, and he gets abused by his dad.......
if that all wouldnt make you commit suicide or letting you go crazy then holy piss you have a really strong and calm mind
and many say it doesent make sense that he could beat/kill his dad that easy......actually it does make sense......cuz if your angry you can build more strength than you can imagine and his dad is an alcoholic and some cant think straight and toby had a knife so it is easy..........
do you get why i think its logical?

ok now ocs (not  cp but oc) that i consider good

Glimmerize ( :iconnightheartsong: ) : shes a slendercreature and you know why i like her? shes not a normal slendercreature that is basicly is a copy of slender ...slendercreatures are not always cp and her ocs is really good because she isnt overpowered/not a human kidnapping creep  and her design is nice

Maker ( :iconjessicaroseinmyworld: ): a demonoc that is actually really unique oc i mean the only part that i dont like is  that the father of maker is zalgo but thats the only thing tbh her oc isnt immortal which is another plus and the whole concept is just nice

Sarah Nergiz ( :iconsarahcatnergiz: ):  not only is this the character that made me the guy im today i mean she and her oc is the reason i rp XD (big thanks to you dear ^^)  her oc is actually one of the most human ive seen i mean she isnt a one punch girl,has a good backstory and she is inspired by her creator but improved (thats what i like to call it XD) if you know what i mean  and seriously she isnt a coldblooded killer that kills just for fun......she has a reason !!!! she kills rapists so that others dont need to suffer that fate (if i got something wrong PLS correct me)

i could count a few more but  i dont have time rn XD but well i hope you get what i wanna tell ya ^^  have a nice day/night
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  • Listening to: fireflys
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Feb 10, 2017
:iconjustatobi:JustATobi has changed their username (formerly DarkTobi123)
Core (spirit/demon oc)
(DRAWN BY Nightheartsong )

 Real Name:
Caleb Redwood
 Alias:  CORE
 Meaning to Name: why core? the funny thing is the actuall character is the yellow heart in the middle the thing around is a ,,shell´´
 Nickname(s): junior (by his parents gaia and reaper)
 Age: 15 (he wont age)
 D.O.B: ????
 Birthplace: the old house of Reaper and Gaia
an unidentified language,english,german
 Voice:  echo like voice
 Current Residence: ????
 Gender: male
 Species/Race: Spirit,Demonpuppet(dead)

 Status: Dead
 Cause of Death: Burned to death 
 Weapon(s): His claws
 Method of Killing: sucking the life energy out of his victims, burning them in blue flames

 Goal/Reason to Kill: he needs energy
 Phrase: ,,maybe we see again in the afterlife´´
 Theme song: who will save you know -les friction
 Hobby(ies): ?????
 Special Item(s): i dont know if you can consider this is an item but the skull/spine/ribs/hands are his own  bones he made  them fitting for himself
 Likes: his parents, friendly people
 Dislikes: fire...being dead
 Fear(s): fire
 Personality: hes calm and silent around everyone but around his parents and brother he is kinda like how he was when he was alive
he his brother and his parents lived in a small house in darkaina (their world) where they lived like a normal family but a fire which was caused by someone burned the house down,....and core  .....his mother dissapeared and his brother lived with their dad reaper in the humanworld...but cold died in the first winter and froze to death...reaper was alone cores ,,soul,, found a way out of the after life he got an earth and ....somehow....he had people praying to him like he was a a fight with ,, an unknown man and a woman he absorbed the life energy of his prayers and got to this form and fought them...but realized their his parents......they reunited......
(im not good with stories sry XD)


 Orientation: straight
 Relationship: single
 Family: Gaia (mother),reaper(father),Cody/cold (older brother)
 Allies/Friends: Xina,crow,black,scarf,
 Rivals/Enemies:sombra, asura, venom


 Hair: non
 Skin: non but you can consider the black smoke skin
 Eyes: blue pupils
 Height: 1,65m
 Weight: ?????
 Body Type:
well....its black mist
 Outfit: uh,.....bones?
 Accessories:  bones?


hes dead
he can suck out the life energy of a human being,can create blue flames,not killable just beatable, can rebuild the bones

 Weaknesses/Faults: hes scared of fire, he can be brought back to the afterlife of sealed


 Intelligence: 6
 Strength: 8
 Speed: 6
 Agility: 5
 Endurance: 8
 Stamina: 6
 Balance: ????
 Tolerance: 7


 - bio vintricktive
 -character by meh
 - gaia by JessicaRoseInMyWorld 

today my bestie......broke up the friendship with me ....because the owner of a whatsappgroup....i wanted to tell my opinion about how the group changed after my bestie got out cuz her phone didnt worked.....i heard some things bout her in that i told them my opinion....and ....after bestie wrote to me.....and told me she hated me and broke up the friendship.......because in the audio where the opinion was in i mentioned her a bit....and that triggered her.......her bestie(a friend of mine) hates me too now i think..after this.....i went out to think about something else......after maybe.....5 min of walking....i fell on the ground and broke out in tears.......luckily noboby saw this....but im so mentally******up rn.........
am i really that of a dick?
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hi my name is tobias ^^ ....but you can call me tobi or toby XD

~this is mah family x3~

brothers: :icononewaytodie: :iconchivincat:

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heres my youtube chanal ^^:…

skype: ! Just-a-Tobi !

insta: just.a.tobi

steam: ! Just-a-Tobi !



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